Google search weirdness how can I fix that?

Hi everyone. I have a problem while making a search on google. I have a team page and 5 people listed;

When I search “metin karakol” on google, google gives Metins picture but shows “Buraks” name.

When I search “burak cebi” on google, google gives correct information about “Burak”

Why this weirdness happening and is it possible the fix HOW?

Just a thought, make sure that the Alt Text for each image is the name of that person. Also, maybe naming the image file to say “personname.jpeg” Google is a mystery to me sometimes.

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Okay, after some checking, to get the best way for google to identify an image would be to use the remote image option in the Foundry Image stack. That way google would see the actual image file name when it crawls your site. Stacks seems to rename image files.


As Steve mentioned, make sure your Alt Text matches each image. You have the same Alt Text for all 5 images on that page. Google is likely confused.

Edit: It’s an easy mistake to make when copying sections. You change the image link, but forget the Alt Text.


The Alt text is actually unique to each image - at least the ones I checked. You should put the persons name at the start of the Alt text and then include a keyword or two. I suspect you have too many keywords in there and the all important name appears at the end of many other words.

So for metin karakol, use something like:
Alt text = metin karakol keyword 1 keyword 2
Image name = metin-karakol.jpg
Image Title - metin karakol
For best results use a stack that uses warehoused images so that the image name you give the image, will not be changed by Stacks which is happening in this issue.

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Thank you guys, I will check and fix with your suggestions.

Ok. I checked my files and “Alt-Text” and “Image Names” are correct but I hadn’t image title.
Should I also add a title for each header or image titles enough?

@Steve_J “remote image option” can’t see anything like that on Foundry?

You are using the stacks image well, and all of your images are renamed, so for example, your first image’s name has been changed into “image_stack_img_15.jpg” . This would be OK if you were searching for someone called “image_stack_img_15”.

My advice would be to use a free image stack that uses warehoused images and then the image names you use, will not be changed.

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Foundry v2’s Image stack comes with a Remote Image feature, which is what @Steve_J and @webdeersign is talking about. You can find it here:

You’ll then be able to link directly to the image on your server, named whatever you like it to be, using a URL:

CleanShot 2020-04-07 at 13.03.06

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Ok I got it what you mean but isn’t that free image stack?

Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 8.01.54 PM

Sorry guys I don’t have v2?

I think this is not possible to make on v1?

You can use the free S4S Graphics stack which I have used many times with Foundry (1). There are plenty of others too if you search about.

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Thank you. Lack of my English, I thought you are mentioning from inside of Foundry stacks. :man_facepalming:

Hi guys, I used Lazy Load Stack remote picture feature and added all pictures from Server now. And when I look to source code all picture show correct name.

But now how can I fix google search results? Cause I still seeing wrong names and picture like post #1. Actually I am still seeing the same result as post #1. Probably I am seeing cache results.

Is there any way I can update the search results as well?