Google Tag Manager

Hi all,

is there anybody out there who can help me how to integrate Google Tag Manager?
A client want’s to integrate it and I have no clue how to do this.
Is it like Google Analytics, as a snippet somewhere in the settings?

Google Tag Manager is a way to manage any scripts you want to inject into a page and change them without changing the website code. For example, a lot of sites have tracking code from not only Google, but also Facebook and other 3rd parties. You would need to add each of those scripts to the website. with GTM, you can include code on the website similar to Google Analytics, but it does a lot more. Once you have the GTM code added to a page, you use the GTM console to manager and add/change scripts like adding or removing FB code.

It can take a little bit of work to setup. Does the client have GTM already setup and just need you to add the GTM code to the page? If so, it’s very similar to adding GA code. If they want you to setup and manage GTM, then you’ll have a bit of learning to do. There are many decent GTM tutorials out there.

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Hi Don,
hanks for coming in. Meanwhile the problem is solved and the client is happy.