Great way to add CMS content to a Foundry site

I have been trying out an idea I had with the Foundry Table CSV stack. The stack is unique in that it gets its table content from a CSV file saved at a “warehoused” location on a server. The Table CSV stack can be used to allow the remote updating of table information such as price lists, menu items and prices, delivery rates, etc. A client could update this information without needing to have access to RW and only need access to an FTP App.

The better FTP Apps have an Editor function and Forklift even has a an onscreen preview and edit window making editing an online CSV file about as easy as it can be. Alternatively, a user could edit or create a CSV file using Numbers or Excel, export and drag onto a $1.99 YummyFtpAlias App that will FTP the file to the preconfigured location. Again fairly simple and foolproof.

It worked perfectly and as good as any other EasyCMS.TCMS, Pulse or Armadillo remote menu update system I have used in the past. Implementing this with the Table CSV is obviously at no extra cost and very quick to implement. There is no data base or setup configuration or admin area to create. For Foundry users this is win win.

The stack makes the header row text into bold text and if you can live with that it is ready to go. I used a couple of lines of CSS to hide the header row, because I didn’t want the bold text on the top row. In my CSV file I put dummy text in the top row which dos not get displayed.

If I could make one suggestion to @elixirgraphics, it would be to add a “hide the header row” option in the Table CSV stack, to make this easier.

I should have a live site to show the menu very soon.


Sounds great Gary :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion. I look forward to seeing your example page with this implemented.

I have put this idea on hold for the moment, because it isn’t quite ready for the big time yet. Getting clients to create and edit CSV files may be too much for some. I am sure there is a good solution here but needs some more testing and fine tuning.

I however, found another excellent and low cost way to add a CMS capability by using the Kuler Solutions EditsPro stacks. This is AFAIK the lowest price entry into a fully featured CMS solution and if you need to edit text, images, video, etc with multiple users then this is a really good solution. PulseCMS is fast and easy to set up, but EditsPro is even easier and quicker and there is no redirecting of of pages required. Gary at Kuler has got to be one of the most responsive developers out there and he recently made a couple of updates specific to Foundry.

EditsPro costs just under $25 to buy outright and can be used in as many sites as you want.

PS I don’t have any connection to Kuler Solutions but when you find a great RW stacks solution, it is worth spread the word.


Hey there. Does EditsPro play well with sites that need to be re-published via RW? In other words, will content be overwritten when a page/site is re-published? I use Easy/Total CMS pretty much exclusively these days, but am always looking for alternative options (dependent on client needs).

Thanks in advance.

I used it on a site and had no issues and it was also super quick to setup. I can’t recall republishing being an issue but it has slipped off my radar a bit. I really liked the on page editing which avoided the need to build an admin page and is a more intuitive way for a client to update content I think.