Grid + Hover combo

Adam: Just watched and played with the Grid and Hover stacks. This combo is fantastic. Allowing links within the Hover stack items makes it invaluable.

Put simply, Hover + Grid = Much Happiness!



You’ll have to thank @Steve_J for his suggestion of creating a Hover Image style stack for Foundry. It wasn’t something I’d thought about doing, but once he suggested it, and I tried several things, I landed on what was shipped in Potion Pack. I too think it is a natural pairing for the Grid stack.


Adam: I’m wondering if a future update could offer the ability to use Font Awesome icons for a hover image (obviously a big size). One way I would use the Grid + Hover is as a navigation system. In these cases I’d likely not want/need to use actual images, but would love to use crisp Font Awesome icons for the image area. Possible in the future?


Yes, this would be a boon to my projects as well!

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For the Hover Image stack I don’t think that is a direction I want to go. It is adding a layer of complexity to the stack’s internal workings that could be easily avoided by using an image of the icon you wish to use. And you’d have more flexibility over the choice of imagery. I do see the appeal of it being in-built, and font-based, but that sounds like a separate stack, and not something to be tacked onto the Hover Image stack.

Understood. That’s too bad (for me) but I understand your rationale.

I’ll note it still in the feature requests and see if there’s something there for the future.

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Hi Mitchell, regarding what Adam said, can I suggest you take a look at Gary Simpson’s Awesome Icons? Awesome Icons -


@peppermint: Thanks. It looks like that app is not available in the U.S. (at least that’s what iTunes/App Store tell me). But you did prompt me to find another option that seems to work really nicely:

Includes Font Awesome plus other icons. Nice conversion approach.

All that Awesome Icons does is give you the FA code for FA symbols which you look up on and the FA site.

If you want to use Fa symbols in the grid then Bwd Blueprint SVG is everything you could ever want. Download the symbol you want as an SVG and paste SVG code into stack. I believe the next update will add hover effects. I’m currently using the initial FA5 Pro symbols in BSVG and it is brilliant.

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That sounds great but I’m not seeing how to download symbol as SVG. I’m looking at the website. How to I get SVG for a single icon/symbol?

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I’m on a beach with no Mac but from memory if you google FA + SVG + Download you should soon find a site to select what you want and download the SVG version of that symbol. It’s worth downloading the entire fa library or if you have paid for FA5 you will already have those. Don’t worry about the colour of the symbols because BlueprintSVG allows you to select the fill and stroke colours as well as 3 device sizes for the image.

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I found this: Font Awesome +365 free icons (SVG, EPS, PSD, PNG files)

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You can also step outside the Font Awesome world and look at icon designs that will set your site designs apart from the crowd. A site that sells very reasonably priced graphics is Creative Market. You can find a wide variety of imagery there. They have an entire category related to iconography.


Thanks. I’ll explore this option.

Adam: Wow, there’s a ton of interesting options here. It will take me awhile to sort out which icon pack might be most helpful for me. Thanks for the link, it looks like it could be a great resource for my purposes.

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I’ve been accumulating icons for a while now, including the font-awesome set from and if you get involved in that game may I suggest you have a look at the Icon Jar app.

I’ve found that icons are just like fonts, there always seems to be just one more set that I have to have!

I purchased this app as part of an Icon Bundle offer and it has been fantastic tool.

Dan: Thanks for the tip about icon jar! I’m testing it out now. I really like that the app will auto-download Google Material icons to get you started.

I have a question regarding the HOVER effect (I haven’t bought the Potion package yet.)

In all the examples I have seen the HOVER effect only brings on a text layer. What if I simply wanted to draw some attention to that image when the mouse hovers over it - without revealing text?

All I am looking for is a simple ZOOM effect - the mouse hovers over an image and the image zooms in a bit, giving the user some feedback and a reason to click on it. This is a standard effect in many photography-lightbox grids, but I have yet to find a Rapidweaver Hover stack that allows me to do that.

Can HOVER do that?

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Hi there @Markus!

Good question! Unfortunately that isn’t something the Hover Image stack does, but it sounds like a solid idea for a stack though. I’ll add it to my mental todo list.