Grid layout for Alloy

Alloy looks sooooo good with the new Alloy Editor stack. It’s becoming a more and more attractive option for blogging outside the RW application. In watching the videos, I’m pretty convinced it would be the easiest, most foolproof way to get a client set up with a blog page.

I’m wondering, though, if there are any plans for a different layout other than a single column, line-after-line of entries. I’m especially interested in a grid (either two or three columns). I just see more and more blogs going that direction layout-wise, and I have at least one client for whom that kind of layout is mandatory.

Any thoughts or plans, @elixirgraphics ?

Thanks so much!

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I’ve had requests for this before, even in beta testing. I know some like the Masonry style layout for their posts, but there’s something I don’t understand about its popularity…

A blog is meant to list posts is a reverse chronological order. With a Masonry style layout you don’t get that. You get a jumble of dates based on the algorithm of the Masonry layout. The Masonry layout puts items where it does based on their “physical” size and how they fit within the layout and has no regard for the date of the post. For me this seems to be counterintuitive to how a blog works.

This isn’t to say that it couldn’t some day be a feature, but it isn’t a priority item for me based on what I outlined above.

IMHO the Ghost layout as used in the RealMac blog is just about perfect -

The posts are listed in reverse chronological order.

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Looks nice. Again, like I said, it is not a priority feature for me at this time.

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Maybe go outside the Foundry family? This - Go CMS Blog - Modern Layout - might do the trick for you?


I’d too love to have more than one column for Alloy. For me it’s a nice way to get a quick overview over the last 10 or so posts without the need to scroll way down. What can I say, I’m lazy :grin:

A grid layout would be the same amount of content, so the same amount of scrolling, right? :wink:

That said, I’ve got plans to look into it eventually.

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Well, you know what I mean…