Grid tool not reajusting properly?

I am a relatively new rapidweaver and foundry 3 user, and I am using it to build a website (how original I know…) which includes a catalog. I made the filter system in javascript myself, with my non-existant coding skills (I just started learning js a few months ago) so the code is probably far from perfect.
So now we come to my issue, I have a few cards in a grid. The grid is supposed to behave like a flexbox, showing a card after the other, which it does perfectly. The problem arises when I add an animation, which I also did in personnal css because I couldn’t find a way of triggering Alchemy with a button. The card is supposed to appear, when I press the button launching the js that find the concerned cards, by receiving “displayClass” { display: block}, and the next time the button is pressed, disapear by receiving “hideClass” {display: none}. It works on medium sizes, when I require the grid to display me 2 columns, but it doesn’t when it grows larger. As soon as he should display me 3 columns, when the display should be none, the card disapear and shows no trace in a web inspector, but the grid/columns tool calculate the page exactly like if they were there, in display: hidden, which they are not, I checked. They correctly received the display: none…
I am puzzled by this behavior, is anybody familiar enough with the tool to help me?
At least thank you for the efforts it took reading me :innocent:

You’re hiding the content inside the column / grid item. The grid item itself still exists though. You’re just hiding the content inside of it.

Oh :man_facepalming:
What an idiot I am! Thank you very much, I go fix this and I come back with the results! Would you say that instructing in js to the parent element of my card is the best way of doing so or will I run into conflicts between foundry’s code and mine? The other solution is to change my system to target directly the columns with the display: none, which is probably better but a bit more laborious…
Foundry seem to count columns in rapidWeaver, and I don’t know how much it impacts his own gestion. Will I cause problems if I arbitrarily decide that one doesn’t show?
(I try both in the meantime, I come back with the results.)

Unfortunately my support can’t cover custom code that customers write. That falls outside the bounds of supporting my product. Sorry.

Worked fine, with a mix of both methods.
I found that it was mysterioulsy complicated to animate position: relative elements into grid, it had a few issues with alignement, but it is possible to make it work with a few margin adjustments. And for the future readers that might be interested: Grid seems to not care about his columns count when displaying them on a page, it’s really just a count on the user’side.
Thank you for your help, have a good day!

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