H1 tag and Navbar


I am using the Nav. Bar in a project. As soon as I enable the branding, I see an additional H1 tag in my source code and google tells me I am using more than one h1 tag in my site.

Is there a way to use the branding, but not to set the branding text inside h1 tags?
<div class="head_wrap"><h1 class="navigation_branding "><a href="https://adler-glasreinigung.de/">Glasreinigung Lengerich</a></h1></div>

Thank you

The branding is your site title, and the site title should be an H1 tag. What is your other H1 tag on the page?

Hi, for my site I need a longer site title. But this does not fit into the Nav. bar. It would be “Glasreinigung für Solar, Photovoltaik und Gewerbe | Münster, Osnabrück”. Whereas I only want to have the word “Glasreinigung” in the Nav. bar on the left-hand side.

So the h1 tag comes on the first header on the site.

I could use Mega menu, if thats better in this case?


I think there should be an option to not apply a H1 to the Nav Bar title. Otherwise it is a missed SEO opportunity to create a meaningful H1 title elsewhere on the page. E.g the Foundry page has a H1 title that reads just Foundry, which from an SEO perspective is not best practice.


It looks like this is not the case with the Mega Menu, which I can use now. Perhaps Adam can confirm this?

Thank you,

There is not a setting for what you’re looking to do. In this instance you can disable the branding and use a Page Header stack in your banner, or elsewhere in place of using the branding in the Navigation Bar stack. This might be better anyway, as then you’re not doubling up on branding for your page.

I don’t believe that Mega Menu was a suggestion to achieve what you’re looking to do. It works the same way as the Navigation Bar stack.

Having “Foundry” as my H1 tag was intended and is what I wanted as my page title.

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Good idea :slight_smile: I use this approach.

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I will add tag choice for branding to my list of things to look at. A slew of updates to Foundry are coming this year, but first I have to complete the addon package I have in the works.


I am really looking forward to this new addon package. Do you think you can give us a short teaser, like you did with the Alloy update? Please?


When I get closer to a release date I’ll probably do something similar. :slight_smile: