Have text appear after Type It has done it's thing?

I want a line of text to appear on a page, but only after the Type It stack has done it’s thing.

know I can use one of the many timer stacks, but I’m not sure this is really going to be a neat solution. Is there anyway I can have a text stack remain hidden until a trigger at the end of the Type It stack fires?

Or, some other way to do it?


Hi @SteveB

Maybe you could use the Reveal stack, you could change the delay value to match the Type animation so that when the animation ends the Fade In from Reveal stack kicks in.

There are plenty of timer stacks that can do this based on elapsed time, but I never find this a particularly satisfactory solution as there are always discrepancies in the timings, so it rarely flows.

I’m hoping there is some sort of trigger I can use.

There is no trigger for such a thing in Type It. Nor do I know of any other stacks that would trigger off of Type It completing.

Ya, kinda figured as much. Not to worry, worth asking.