Header styling in Foundry 3

Hi, is there a way to style the header in Foundry 3 similar to Header Plus in Foundry 2 / Thunder Pack? I want to add a coloured border to letters, can’t find where to do it. Thank you for your help. Best regards

No, borders on the Header in Foundry 3 is not a feature. That feature in Header Plus in Foundry 2’s Thunder Pack actually had some odd interactions with other tools and caused some people some problems, so I chose not to include it in Header.

But, you can use the Blacksmith tool to achieve the same thing. It is just a little more effort and customization.

Thank you for the hint, that works great! I am just discovering all the possibilities of Foundry 3, climbing up the learning curve step by step, but it’s really worth it! Just needs some time - and help from friendly community members like you!

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