HELP - How can I achieve such a view?


I want to build such a view:

I am using a container to have a fixed view size of 1140. But I want the image to break out o the right till the end of the page side…

@elixirgraphics or @egomade ?


Hi @Fuellemann

The way I would do it is using a 2 columns layout without the container.
On one side I would add the image and on the other the text content.

Maybe there is other ways to do it, but this is my initial response.

But how Do I set it all content but the image to 1140px width? If I set the image to FLOAT, the browser scrolls horizontally. If not, the image is contained within the 1140, columns or not…

I will need to go out for 2 hours, when I get back I can produce a example demo project.


Thank you :slight_smile: very much!

Hi @Fuellemann,

Based on your image, this is what I came up with. I don’t know if this is what you are trying to do, but maybe… it’s closed, of course you can always do some adjustments if needed.

This is a complex layout, maybe it’s not perfect, but that’s what I could do based on the time I have right now.

Download here:



I’m on the iPad right now so I can’t see what coolness @egomade has cooked up for you, but you can also look at the Call to Action templates in Mason. Check out CTA 2 (I think that is the correct one) as it does something similar to what you want. I think the kind of layout you want is best without setting a max width due to the way content flows in a responsive layout.

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Thank you very much, the offset in the columns is what I did not check :slight_smile:

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You can certainly do this with BWDs SectionsPro or by adding the new Source Enabler stack to allow you to use the Source Grid Plus. These layouts look really cool and it’s important that the left half content text doesn’t extend to the edge of a large screen IMHO.

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Thanks - I always wanted to have a look at Grid Plus - but I hope Adam will sometime improve his Grid solution as well (hint) :slight_smile: SectionsPro is a good idea… or I change the layout. Thanks again.


Checkout the Call to Action template I mentioned above if you haven’t already.

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Yes, of course, I jumped right to it. This works - but I am still thinking about a different design approach. Sorry for the late answer.

Not sure what you mean. If you clarify I’m sure either I or someone else here can help with your problem.

You recently sent me a bunch of feature requests, but I didn’t see anything about the Grid stack in them. If you want to send me an email with those I’d be happy to look at them. As of now though I can’t know what you want until I see your requests. :wink:

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:smile: I will use a design which will not use that kind of image in the first stage - i have to get a first view to the client today. For the grid - as soon as I can get a grip on my thoughts, I will send a mail…