Help request: Mega Menu + jumping site title

Looks like I have space for menu items with site title but when table size is enabled site title jumps on the ‘second row’. Can anyone help with this?

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It is likely because your navigation items are taking up too much space at that breakpoint. Without a link I can’t confirm it, but I’d say with about 95% certainty that that is the case. In that case you’d need to make adjustments to cut down on the amount of space your top-tier items take up. There’s unfortunately only so much space available in a horizontal navigation bar.

Thank you for a quick reply!

If I understood correctly titles has too many characters?

If the only option is to cut letters, is there a workaround like with visibility that I can keep it as it is on the desktop but cut smt off at the tablet?

There’s many things you can do to change the amount of content in your navigation bar…

  • remove items
  • shorten the names of items
  • use drop downs to house multiple items under one top-tier item
  • use a smaller font

How you accomplish it will be up to you and what works for your site design.

Personally part of this problem (which I’m also experiencing) is that there is no way of controlling the padding around the top tier menu items. Even if you go down to a smaller font (which I’ve tried) it does not really help because the padding does not change as the font changes.

So what we really need is some control over the padding around the top tier menu items, this would be really useful.

@elixirgraphics thank you for help!
Indeed site title fitted in after tweaking font sizes. How about that =)