Help setting up Alloy- Does Editor get published to a sub-domain?

Apologies for the lack of knowledge here, first off. Long time Foundry user jumping redoing my site after 2 -year hiatus. So this is rust on top of core knowledge gaps.

Setting up Alloy v 3. Adam, your tutorials are amazing per usual. Following all just fine-editor setup, learning the fundamentals just fine. But, I am setting up editor as a separate page in my project site. All good, but “Editor” appears on my navigation bar, when I upload to host. I am in the process of creating the “blog” page itself, again all good. But clearly, having Editor in the navigation bar along with Blog is not right. So, before I go further I wanted to correct course.

Should Editor need to be a separate project and uploaded to a sub-domain that I need to create on my hosting site? You didn’t talk about that step in the tutorial, but maybe it is so basic, that you assumed the user should know that?

So, if you or an experienced user could offer direction on this, I would be very appreciative

Many thanks
Bob S

No need for a subdomain or anything else. Simply set the Editor page to not show in your navigation. This is a core feature of RapidWeaver and can be found in the Page Inspector, here:

LOL… I knew it was something simple :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: Thanks Adam !

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Not a problem. It’s the simple things that can trip us up sometimes. I feel ya.

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