Help with HTML in Mint

Good day to you all. I’m hoping someone can help me with this…

I’m creating a website for a music client using the Mint theme and all is going well, but I’m having an issue with some HTML code I’ve copied from the Bands in Town website using one of their widgets, which allows me to show the artists tour dates. The attached image shows how the code is supposed to look, but the uploaded webpage has somehow centred all the text. Here is the page - TINA LIVE – The Tina Turner Stage Show & Story | Book Tickets

I’m presuming it’s something to do with the theme’s coding, but I really need to have the show listings looking like the screenshot.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

P.S. I can paste the HTML code in here if it’s needed, but didn’t want to on this initial post.


Any one have any possible ideas?