Help with lunar theme samples

Hi, I just purchased Lunar and Mint, and I’m a bit new to RapidWeaver and themes. I have installed correctly and I can select a blank document with the themes in RapidWeaver.

Is there a place I can download the example save files that are used in all the videos, that has the introduction page layout and samples page (with the blog, photo album, etc…). Or am I just not seeing it?

Most of the themes I have purchased come with something that is already set up to use for those items, and the tutorials on the page all show it for training…

Sorry if this is a total newb question! I appreciate any help with this.

Hi there @gromitronic

The themes don’t come with an example project file. Since you need to supply your own content in the theme it doesn’t often make sense to supply a project file for the theme where you’re going to need to replace the content with your own anyway. It makes more sense to do stuff like this for a framework like Foundry where everything is done from scratch, but with a theme you have the starting point of the theme itself.

Ok, thanks for the quick reply. I thought perhaps I was missing something and didn’t want to begin until I had everything. Thanks for the lovely theme!