Hide Banner Stack on Mobile

I would like to use banner stack only on Desktop and hide it for mobile and tablet.
I used the responsive setting and set it like that.
However, banner stack somehow appears on mobile and tablet as well as desktop regardless of the setting.

Does anyone know the reason why it does and the way to fix it?
Thank you!

I’ve just found that if it is not a hero banner, it can be hidden on mobile and tablet,
but I would like to use a hero banner on a desktop site.
Is there any way to hide a hero banner on mobile and tablet?
Thank you!

The Hero banner cannot be hidden at different breakpoints due to the way it works. This is because the banner is extracted from its original container for positioning purposes. So basically you’re hiding the parent stack, but the banner has been extracted from that parent stack already.

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Thank you for your quick reply Adam!
I see, I understand now. Thank you! :blush:

What if you put the banner stack into a visibility stack?

No, the same explanation I gave above applies.

Oh, right. I totally misread that :wink: