Hiding Hero Banner at different breakpoints


In the current Foundry release (I’m using, should it be possible to hide a Hero Banner at different breakpoints?

What I’m looking to achieve is to use a Hero Banner on Desktop & Tablet, but use a “standard/fixed height” Banner on mobile. I have tried using both the built in “Hide this Stack:” functionality of Stacks itself and the Visibility stack within Foundry, but neither appear to do what I would expect.

This behaviour is easily reproduced, by adding a Banner stack to a blank RW foundry project, toggling the Hero Banner checkbox on and then whilst in Preview mode, select the option to “Hide this Stack” on Desktop

After removing the Hero Banner toggle, the banner can be hidden on any breakpoint as desired.

Hope this makes sense.

Regards, Brian

Good morning @bluehatweb

The Banner cannot be hidden when using the Hero option, as of now. This is something that has been mentioned previous in other post on the forum. This is the short version of why it isn’t possible:

It all comes down to how the hero banner has to work that prevents you from being able to hide it.

That said, Foundry v2 will be introducing a new option when using the Hero feature in the Banner stack:

  • Adds option to Disable Hero Banner at the Mobile breakpoint. When this feature is used the Banner’s height becomes Flexible at the Mobile breakpoint.

The Banner has still been extracted from the parent stack, as the Hero option has been applied, but this should cover the reason many people are trying to hide the Hero banner at the mobile breakpoint.

Hi Adam

Many thanks for the reply and explanation.

Looking forward to v2

Regards, Brian

Not a problem at all. I’m hoping to announce the release date in the coming days.