Hiding Mobile menu on One Page site


Im working on a one page site, is there any way to hide the mobile menu/toggle when it gets to mobile view.

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We might need more details on exactly what you’re going for on this one. Do you want to hide the entire navigation bar at those breakpoint(s), just the toggle, etc? Is the navigation set to use Sticky mode?


I built a one page site and used the navigation stack to show only the logo and enabled the sticky option. But, I later realized that even if you don’t have items/links in the nav stack the mobile toggle still appears on smaller devices. Would like the toggle to not show up if possible.


You might think about using the Pin tool for this instead of the Navigation Bar. You can add whatever you like in it and make it stuck to the top of the page and not have the added weight of everything in the Navigation Bar tool that you’re not making use of.

I did and works as you said, but it doesn’t have the overlay on scroll like the navigation stack when the sticky option is enabled. There are areas on the page where the logo get lost from the content.

I will add to your feature request site, perhaps you can add an option to hide the toggle in the future.

Place your logo in a Background tool inside Pin. Modular components is the way to go.

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