Hiding stacks problem

Hi this is the first time I have wanted to hide a banner stack on tablet and phone…and have done so in the settings but it is still showing in a tablet (even my 7" Fire!!) what am I doing wrong? It doesn’t show on my phone??

Are you perhaps using the “hero” banner setting in the Banner you’re trying to hide? If so, that is why it does not appear to hide. The Hero Banner is removed from its original parent stack in order to make it work as it should. In doing so it is no longer within the stack that is being hidden. You’ll not be able to hide Banners with the Hero Banner setting enable, nor navigations that have Sticky Navigation enabled.

hi adam
I dont think so, but will double check the settings tomorrow. It hides on the phone OK, just not on a tablet!!

That’s a lot of exclamation points there! :wink::wink:

I’d you’d like to provide the following I can look into it more tomorrow when I’m in the office:

  • a link to the live page in question.
  • a ZIP file containing your RapidWeaver project file. You can email that to me at adam at elixirgraphics dot com

Are you hiding it with the Visibility stack or just the default Stacks visibility settings in the “Responsive” grouping in the inspector?

Stack’s built-in responsive, visibility settings use different breakpoints than Foundry uses.

Use Foundry’s Visibility stack and it’s controls for hiding content.

Hi adam…project file is rather large…if I cant sort it will send you a URL link…thanks for the help

Will give it a try…thank you

If it is a large project file you can feel free to send it via Dropbox or a similar service.

Hi Adam
have sent you a project file of the page in question…thanks for any help

Hi @Wendyb – I sent you an email back. The project you sent has some missing stacks. If you could send me a test showing the problem with just Foundry stacks I can then troubleshoot the problem. As it is I can’t see any of what might be causing it since all I am greeted with is missing stacks:

I just looked at your project file @Wendyb and this is what I see for the Desktop, Tablet and Mobile breakpoints:




The Banner stack you’re using at the footer are is hidden at the Tablet and Mobile breakpoints, but is showing at the desktop breakpoint, as seem in the above three screenshots.

Hi Adam…thank you. What is the breakpoint for a tablet? I think I was looking at it on a ‘too big’ tablet
If I look in portrait on my 8" tablet it disappears, but obviously doesn’t on my 12.9 ipad pro.
Can I adjust the tablet breakpoint?
Thanks for your help, sorry if I wasted your time

The breakpoint is between 48em and 61.9em in Foundry. Breakpoints are based on widths and not device type. So a larger tablet, whose width is above the tablet breakpoint width will then show the desktop breakpoint.

No. The breakpoints are preset so that they match from one stack to the next, making sure everything in uniform.

Is there a reason to not show this content if there’s enough room to do so? If there’s plenty of room on a large tablet, why not let it show?

Hi Adam, thanks for the explanation…the website is for friends who don’t like the extra picture, but I think it breaks up the white space on bigger devices, and as you say if there is room I think it adds to the page…my problem not yours…Thank you again

If they don’t like it, then eliminating it altogether would make more sense than leaving it off of just two breakpoints. Just my two cents.

That said, everything seems to be working as it should.

Thanks Adam - as you said all working as it should, think we might leave it as it is??? But up to them