Hover Image with rounded corners

I am unable to get a proper border around a Hover Image if the corners are rounded. There appears to be a weird trim of the corners. Is it just me?

Hi there @Andras – The Hover Image stack does not have a rounded corners feature. Are you applying rounded corners to the image in some other way?

I am adding it as a standard border option. It is the this standard border’s rounded corner option which gets clipped. I tried to add margin and padded the grid itself also, but neither helped . . .

The standard stacks controls for borders and rounding the corners are not going to work on the stack. Those controls only affect a portion of the stack in this case. With this stack having a few different elements to it those standard controls are not going to achieve what you’re wanting to do. If I had the ability to disable those controls when a stack does not use them I would, but unfortunately that isn’t an option.