How can I do a Test in Rapid Weaver with Foundry

Hello, knows anyone how can I do a TEST in Rapid Weaver, like a school Test.
The User has to answer some questions, everytime when he go on “No” i need a anchor link to a special place on my page. (On the Screen below, “only for symbol” is to see what I mean) has anyone an idea how can I fix it?
Is there a Stack out there who can do this.

I hope anyone can help me

I don’t think there is a stack that is specifically designed for tests although there are a few filter stacks that could be repurposed. I would use a test generator site and embed the site into your site. Just a quick search found loads of them but Testmoz - Powerful but Simple Test Generator is free or just $20 a year for more advanced features.

Hello jspencer,

this is a fine solution but to complicated for my target, and not beautiful,- ) First I want to do it with FormLoom 3 but its also a real Form, to send it out by mail. but I want only the Ceckboxes after the Questions and send the Users with a Anchor to a special place on my site.

As a Symbol:

Do you like Rapid Weaver and the full Power Yes No

And if you go on “No” there is a Anchor link to the end of the site.
Sounds easy but its very difficult,- )

Use siphon from onelittledesigner. It can fork answers,


First of all, wow is this siphon a great stack,- ) I love it! real cool and I have directly a many ways to use it. Many Thanks, The only Problem is that the Buttons n stuff are not really beautiful, and the options to change it …are not really helpful,- ) Fuellemann, do you have experience with it? anyone outside???

How can I delete the outline from the checkmark? I can change the text size but where can I delete the outline?

Sorry but I can not upload my original project, My Customers would kill me.

I do use siphon but I never wanted to change the buttons. You will have to ask the support from one little designer…

,- ) i will do it and give you response if its work, many Thanks for this great stack!

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