How can i make this using foundry 3?

I’m just trying to update a site made using foundry 2 and want to make the same thing in foundry 3.
Anyone have any idea?

What part are you having a problem with?

Finding the emoji that i can make that large and bulleted list.
Seems very basic in f2, maybe i’m overlooking something in f3?

There is an Icons tool and a List tool in Foundry 3. Have you explored using those? Documentation pages for them are below:

List Tool :link:
Icons Tool :link:

Thank you for the links.
After playing around it doesn’t appear to be possible to do the same as done with foundry 2 with the (emoji) icon.

@Imperial Hi, I imagine several possibilities to do this under Foundry3. I don’t have F2 so can you explain to me where you want to insert this (whole page, background, menu bar, …) so I can suggest a way to do it?

You could use the SVG tool and use a free SVG library such as iconmonstr or similar. Just download the SVG of an icon you like. When downloaded right click and open in Text Edit and copy the code in to the SVG tool. Make it scalable in the tool settings and it is ready to go.


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