How do I change the opacity of an object to make it interact with the animated banner?

I started using this album as inspiration for one of my page designs where a text stack lays on top of an image using the backdrop stack. On the bottom is an animated gradient banner. I really like the way the animated gradient works. It transitions between different yellows and golds. By the time you get through a few lines of body text some slightly different color shows up!

What I was hopping to do it drop the opacity of that background text (that is that brownish orange rust color) so that the change of color from the animated gradient will show through the text. It would also have the dual purpose of making it lighter. The current darkness of the background text is making the foreground heading difficult to read in a way that it isn’t on the album cover.

I hope I explained what I am trying to do well enough. I would be happy to go over something again if I didn’t make it clear enough.

Choose Color Picker for the Header style. Edit the custom color. Then use the Opacity slider to adjust the opacity:

Oh I didn’t explain it quite right. I will highlight it with a circle and show the inspector this time as well. The backdrop stack has an image that I dropped into the image area. This image is a jpg of text. It is not any kind of real text from a text stack like the header or paragraph stack it is just a jpg of text.

The only options I see under the backdrop stack for color is “overlay color” and “border color.” Neither overlay or border would be what I am looking for in this case. The goal I am looking for is to make that text jpg work like a background pattern. It doesn’t even need to be all that readable in this case (the background text that is.) In this unique case that is not the function of the text, it is just more decor.

I think that might clear things up now what I am asking for. I was putting the text over an image since I don’t think it is possible to put a text stack directly on top of another text stack.

That is not an option of the backdrop. Make the image translucent in your image editing software since you’re already using a png.

Okay, that is what I was wondering. If that is the case that I can’t use backdrop for this the I might also make that brown text color just a lighter color so that it won’t conflict with the black type that is one top of it as much. Thanks!

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