How do I Send A Form Pro Form To My E-Mail

What Do I Do To get A Form Pro Form To Forward The Form To My E-mail.

I must admit that I am a novelist. I am still trying to get my first RapidWeaver site up and running but I am hitting a wall trying to get a basic contact form working. I watched the videos, witch seems very street forward with no success. I have no problem creating the form (it’s really easy), but i can’t get the contents to forward to my email address during a test.
I have done the following:

  1. Created the form.
  2. I entered my email address in the “Your Information” Section of the sidebar.
  3. I selected Send Using My Email Address in the Advance Section at the bottom of the side bar.
  4. In the settings section (under General), I entered my email address.
    What Am I missing, or doing wrong…?

Make sure that the email address you’re using is associated with your domain. If your domain is myawesomesite.comThe you need to be using an email address on that domain like

Many servers will require this. Also if possible you should use the SMTP server settings as well.

Thanks Adam, I’ll Try your recommendations. The primary e-mail address I am using is different.
Again thanks for pointing me in that direction.