How much do you charge for a Foundry site?

Those of you who are using Foundry to build sites commerically - I’m curious to know how much are you charging your clients?

I’ve been charging a flat hourly rate of £30 an hour. I’ve been using RW for about 10 years now and this seems fair. However, sometimes, if i run up against something i don’t know how to do, or a technical problem, e.g. server side - I don’t charge them for this time, - so some sites end up taking a lot more of my time and then it feels like perhaps I’m undercharging.

Is anyone making decent money from Rapidweaver? ! :wink: :grin:


with 10 years of experience, it is not about Foundry, but about delivering a site which matches the needs of the customers of your customer. The customer pays for your experience, not your hours.

So I do not charge hourly for a website - I use a fixed price. I do set my prices a bit higher - I do NOT want these customers which are nagging and haggling about every Euro. But the ones who want to have an excellent result. So change your mindset about hourly rates for the webdesign itself.

Of course I add free text- and image changes for existing contents. And charge for any new content. For these add-ons, these can be charged hourly. But please do not charge less than 50 Euros per hour, you are NOT competing against Fivrr.

If you sell cheap, you will be looked upon cheap. And lose the real good paying customers. What you can do, is to work pro bono once or twice a year and use this as a good PR.



Thanks Jan, @Fuellemann - this is really good advice.
I think you’re right - i need to change my mindset on this.
Can I ask, you say you charge a fixed price - how much do you charge - for example, for a simple five page website?
I’ve been charging by the hour because each page is so different. Perhaps I should adopt more of a generic/template approach.
Thanks and best wishes

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Hi James. I set my prices individually based on the circumstances the customer has. I try not get lower than 1.250,- Euro and have no upper limit, but I do not have a fixed pricing scheme.


Thanks Jan - this helps and makes sense

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