How to access Foundry Theme to customise font?

Hi and good day,

I want to change the font color of the project, how to access Foundry Theme to customise font color?

Yes there is the Theme Default, and also ’Save Custom Style’?


with best regards, Omar KN, Stockholm, Sweden

You do not need to use any of these settings for Foundry. The Foundry theme is mainly there to support the Foundry framework and stacks. You have complete control of font type, color, etc. Please refer to the videos on the Foundry website to see how to get started. You as the user control how the content looks with the “blank” theme using Stacks of Foundry. The video tutorials are very comprehensive and will get you started.


Hi Steve,

Of course the videos. I’ve seen most of them. Which one even mentions this? (If it is even mentioned.)

However I cannot do a search for f ex “font settings” or so on a video, which I would be able to do on a text document.

The font color which I have now through the default theme needs to be changed on all pages, for better readability. This shouldn’t be so difficult?

So how to access Foundry Theme i.o. to change the font color of the project?


with best regards, Omar KN, Stockholm, Sweden

You can set the color in the foundry stack.


What theme are you using?

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@OmarKN I’m not sure you watched most of the videos. Key info is stated on the very first page of documentation. Worth a read:

And then the first specific document page after that is on the Control Center stack. Worth a read and look:

This really is step 1 for using Foundry. The attached screenshot also shows you how you can control various aspects of your fonts using the control center stack:


Thank you @mitchellm !

It was very easy to change the font color, once you pointed in the direction :slight_smile:

Control Center
→ Base Font Color
Set the color of your base font for your page.


Yep, documentation is a big help for sure. Main reason I spent so long writing it all. :smiley: