How to achieve this background effect

Hi Guys,

Any idea, stack to recommend to archive this background video effect?

Can you make a similar effect with the foundry stacks?


Hi, I do not see any background effect on this site…

Likewise. I’m not seeing any effect on the provided URL, just a plain white background.

@Fuellemann @elixirgraphics

Strange, in my browser there is a video in the background. Advertising, would be great to highlight some products.
In all cases thank you guys :slight_smile:

I use the Play stack from Doobox to add a self-hosted video as a background. It does support YouTube videos as well: Play Stack


Personally I’m not a huge fan of video backgrounds. That is just me though. In a world where a lot of people are on mobile, a video for a banner or background is a very large file to load. Just my 2 cents.

True, even though the mobile speeds here in Germany are higher than most people’s landline internet. You can set e.g. a image for a mobile view, though, and use the agent stack or a similar method to make sure the video is not loaded on a mobile at all.

The Play stack makes sure on a mobile view, you only see the image: “Mobile devices don’t play background video well. On mobile devices the stack falls back to displaying your Fallback image you added in the settings to keep things looking great.”

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… yes indeed Adam is true.