How to add a list formatted resume to a site?


First time here… I want to add a several page resume document in list form to my site. I’ve tried all sorts of things (simple text, html, etc) to paste into a paragraph stack. Text is too small, or formatting is whacky. How should I do this? Must I rewrite it all inside paragraph?

Thanks for any tips for a beginner.


It depends on what stack you are using. Try pasting to match the style . Edit>Paste and Match Style when pasting into the stack of your choice. Also, try highlighting the text and Format>Ignore Formating or Format>Clear Formating. Then format the styling for what you are trying to do

There are several ways to accomplish what you want. @Steve_J has pointed to one approach.

For long, highly structured, documents like a resume (several pages) I suggest using Markdown. Write your resume in Markdown, use the Markdown stack, and all will be fine. Markdown is great for structure, for headers, lists, and so on.

If you want to spiffy up your lists, or simply have more control over styling and spacing, then I recommend the Lister stack. Compatible with Foundry. Does a great job. More here:

As far as font sizing goes that’s all controlled in your main Foundry stack.

I personally hate the Paragraph stack. It’s not truly bad, but Markdown makes things sooo much easier.

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Thank you for a complete and useful reply. I have now downloaded Markdown, but will have to investigate how to install it! So much learning, but I will persevere!

Hi there @JJHP3 – I think @mitchellm was referring to the free Markdown stack that comes as a part of the Stacks plugin. Search for Markdown in the Stack elements library, like so and you’ll find it. I use it often myself.

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That being said, you can use several different stacks together. You could use a paragraph, then a bulleted list stack, and so on all together on the page to structure things how you like, for instance:

The above layout would look like this in Preview Mode:

This for me is the joy of using the modular stacks of Foundry. Lots of little, single purpose stacks coming together to make something greater! :smiley:

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As @elixirgraphics mentions there is no need to download Markdown. You can either use the Markdown stack. Even better you can use a Markdown-friendly editor (Byword, Scrivener and several others).

Adam’s approach certainly works really nicely. My reason for suggesting Markdown is things like a resume often need to do double-duty: you want it for print and for a website (as one example). Using a Markdown editor allows you to easily do this.

But by all means use whatever approach fit’s your “style” best. I use Markdown all the time and for complicated text documents it is what I’ll use 99% of the time. But you may enjoy Adam’s approach better. Both have their place.

Thanks to you all for such a wealth of information! I ended up using Steve_J’s Edit>Paste and Match Style idea this first time out. But there are many more to do, so again, thanks!


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