How to insert a link to a card overlay image

First I would like to state that foundry is fantastic to use, really :))

I am trying to place a link behind a card overlay image.
Any suggestions how this would be possible, unfortunately the stacks itself doesn’t give me this option.
It’s the “Blog” overlay image here:

Thanks for your help and suggestions


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Hi there @Juergen – That isn’t an option of the stack, as you mentioned. To do so you’d need to write your own bit of javascript or jQuery to target specific areas, and add an href to it. You’d also need to write a bit of your own CSS to style that link appropriately to make it fit in with the rest of the page’s elements.

Thanks a lot for your prompt reply. Thought that might take a specific code but obviously not the easiest one.

So I can be clear you want to add a link to the round overlay image, right?

If so, I’ll look at adding it to my future todo list.


Absolutely something for your to-do. I think this as feature would be great. Thanks :smile:


Me too, would be an useful feature yes, in fact.

So you are talking about the actual overlay image?