How to set up a test blog web site in F3


I have my blog website set up using Foundry 3 and Alloy and it looks great.

Going forward as we add new blog entries, our admin person gets involved doing editing, etc from a remote location. So we need a separate site for testing until the blog entry is error free (spellings, facts, etc and up to her standards).

I tried to set up a test server but none of the original blogs came over. Alloy gave an error message and set up one sample blog entry.

How do I make sure that all of my previous blog entries come along as I work in a test environment for new or future blogs?

Thank you!


Wouldn’t you just leave it as “draft” until it’s error free and ready to go?

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A draft is fine for me but our admin person in a different state needs to see the blog and check spelling and other details. She has the final say before I publish the blog. So she needs to see it.

Before the latest blog using F3 and Alloy, I was able to set up a test server or rough draft server which she could see.

Not sure what to do from here.

Thank you for responding


Why not just use the Secondary Login, so she can proof read the draft?

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Not familiar with that. Would you please write more? That may be the answer I need.

Thank you!

No need. @elixirgraphics has already written everything you need in the excellent Alloy documentation, and accompanying videos.

Adam’s documentation really is your friend - it’ll save you wasting hours on needless work, and that existing process sounds insane - just give her a login, and let her go nuts - she can edit and publish/republish to her heart’s content!

…Unless you’re charging for your time maintaining two servers and publishing to live, of course… :wink:

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Thank you! I will watch all of those videos again.