How to use the starter kits?

Nevermind - I think they just took a while to load. Working now Thanks

Haven’t gotten to that video yet as I’ve been inundated with support posts, emails, etc.

The Starter Kits are simply project files. I built them in RapidWeaver 8 so whether you’re using RW 8 or Classic you can open them.

If you’d like to share a screen recording with us so we can see what you’re seeing that would be helpful in diagnosing your problem. You can use Apple’s built-in screen recorder in macOS to do so: How to record the screen on your Mac - Apple Support

Then upload that image somewhere like Dropbox, We Transfer or a similar service and share that link here in your reply.

Thanks Adam - I think they just took a minute or so to convert and load, they are working now

Good to hear that you got it sorted.

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