Hurricane Ian update

For those that are not aware we’re located in Florida, which is being actively affected by hurricane Ian right now. It is a very powerful stir — itcame ashore as a category 4 storm just barely short of being a category 5. Being inland we thankfully will not receive its full force but we have lost power and internet and are the recipients of some brutal winds and rain.

All of this to say that I will be delayed in responding to support requests for the time being. I will likely have a some time on my hands after the storm passes and will answer what I can from my phone.


hi adam, best wishes and all the best for you, your whole family and all our friends over there.


Hi Adam, the priority is the well being of your family and friends. Best wishes that everyone is safe.


Stay safe, I’m in Northeast Florida, it hasn’t been to bad here, thank goodness.

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Stay safe over there. We’ve seen images, it’s (or was) bad in Florida.
Stay strong

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Thanks all. It was a brutally strong storm. We’re still without internet. Writing using my wife’s phone’s hotspot now.

That said our solar + batteries kept us going through the storm. They were a life saver. Additionally the power in our area was just restored so we can be a little less stingy with our energy usage.

We had minor problems – a substantial leak in one of out bedrooms cropped up but nothing life threatening like those in South West Florida on the coast. The area down there was simply devastated.

Hopefully in the next few days we’ll get internet access back and I can try to get back to work.

Thanks for all the well wishes and concern. This community is really great!


Hi @elixirgraphics,

Stay strong. First and foremost take care of yourself, your family and your surroundings. Everything else comes last.


It’s so good to hear that you and your family are safe and with only comparatively minor damage. We were concerned for you and appreciate the update.


All my best thoughts for you and your family.

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Best wishes Adam! Stay safe.

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Thank you everyone! You all are so great. As of today we have internet restored in our area, so aside from some water damage from a possible roof leak, and a mold problem we discovered just before the hurricane, we’re doing well. All of our family here is also doing well, so we’re very thankful as this was a devastating hurricane for so many. We really count ourselves very lucky.

With internet back I’ll be knocking out the support I couldn’t attend to until now. If you think I’ve missed your support email or post, please let me know and I’ll get right on it.


Very sorry to hear, Adam. It’s very difficult times, and I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of lives.
I shouldn’t worry about providing support - just keep yourselves safe.


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Stay strong, and best of luck to all the community! I wish you all a fast recovery!