I am missing the Mega Menu


I upgraded to Foundry 3 and really like it. In many ways it seems to be more intuitive and easier to use. I had visions of rebuilding my very large website antiquemaps.com. I have made a start and found it ok doing it one page at a time after I had built a slide in menu. But I am not sure if my viewers and customers are going to like the slide in menu. Reading what the “experts” say about viewers not exploring your website unless there is a permanent menu has troubled me. I just loved the Mega Menu in Foundry 2. It just suited my style and number of pages I have.

I have come to a hiatus today not knowing whether to carry on rebuilding pages. Hence this message.

I do not know if Adam would ever consider a Mega Menu in Foundry 3. I suppose it would depend on enough customers wanting the facility.

Think I need a coffee.


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What about Mega Menu do you feel you’re missing?

Hi Adam,
I have so many items to fit on a menu such as over 70 British counties not to mention the countries of the world. In your Mega Menu I am able to have a heading English Counties and as soon as the mouse glides over it a panel appears below listing some 50 counties in 4 columns all linked to individual. pages. You also gave us the provision for dropdown buttons in the panels. For me it is a truly amazing and like all your facilities in Foundry easy to use thanks to the thought you give to instructing the user.


First thing I’d say is – It is probably not a good idea to include that many of anything in a drop down navigation. You’re going to have problems with small mobile devices.

That said, Foundry’s Navigation Bar allows you to all other content to it as well. It is a hidden gem: https://d.pr/v/nIseBv

Additionally in an upcoming update you’ll be able to set a min-width for the drop down as well.


Thanks. I was totally unaware of that hidden gem so will start experimenting and see what I am able to achieve.

Foundry keeps on giving!

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Building the new navigation menu is going apace. Just wanted to check with Adam that the path I have taken is a good one.

Have introduced buttons into parts of the menu dropdown. Each button triggers a modal which has 3 columns in it displaying a total of about 21 links. Not uploaded yet but testing on the screen the setup appears to work ok for a mobile device.

Suggestions for something I may have missed most welcome.

I love Mega Menu, it was one of my favorite parts of my first Foundry site! The way it let me make a mini webpage complete with images, columns and a blurb on the menu’s subject added a lot to the site then just one basic drop down list. Are all those features done differently now?

I had over 130 links to web pages in my Mega Menu but have been able to replicate this in F3 using the Navigation Bar. Using some of the pull down menu links to open a modal plus two buttons that also open a modal. In the modals I have created further menus with List and using 3 columns. Very pleased with the results.


Oh good I’m glad you can still do all that. It is an essential feature for sure!