I have a problem to solve with Alloy

As you can see I’m working with Foundry 2 and Alloy is up to date I think. I find it difficult to create a blog. About two years ago I managed to create two posts, I don’t remember how. Now I would like to start over with Foundry 2 and then transfer to Foundry 3. I am failing due to my inability to understand why Alloy is not working.

Three screens appear as you can see; one from rapidweaver where you can see preset posts (for about a minute of time); a second screen is the web page that appears to me with two completely different posts, but created two years ago, not preset; finally the third screen of the two pages of Alloy which in the tutorial videos show the posts that match rapidweaver but not in my case.
What can I do?
Thank You


Did I solve the problem by simply adding editor/index.php? Tab=blog at the end of the root of my link .

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