I started to work with Alloy, Questions

I published some posts, but when I read it and when I click on read more its not going to the right place or don’t open more text.
What do I wrong?
Look at https://www.bwbshop.nl/blog/blog.php



The first thing I see that is wrong off of the top is that you’re using the Voyager Pro theme for part of the site. When using Foundry and its stacks you must use the included Foundry theme. This is covered in the Getting Started section of Foundry’s documentation and tutorials.

Also, I notice you’re naming your page names things like blog.php, sitemap.html, etc. You should be naming all pages index.php or index.html which is standard practice, and required in some instances.

As for your problem with Alloy – I’d need to look closer at your project file to diagnose what you’ve done wrong in your setup.

I’d encourage you to go back through the tutorials for setting up Alloy and duplicate what the videos do step-by-step. If you continue to experience problems then you can send me your project file and I will take a look at it. If after starting over and following the videos step-by-step, if you still need help please create a ZIP file for me that contains the following:

  • Your project file. This would be the file you open in RapidWeaver to edit your site.
  • A folder containing all of your blog posts. This is found on your server in the folder you’ve designated for your blog posts. You can access it using your FTP software.

You’ll then go to WeTransfer and upload your file to create a download link you can then email to me at: adam at elixirgraphics dot com