I was wondering how the animation tools are changing in F3?

I heard somewhere that Reveal and Reveal Pro were going to merge which would make sense given the big difference (from my memory) is the coordinates you can set in Pro. I know in F2 you can’t have Gravitate on a page with Reveal. Is that still the case with F3?

With my latest site I experimented with adding multiple reveal stacks to an object and found I could pull off some pretty nice effects. I wonder if at some point multiple instances couldn’t just be rolled into one Reveal tool instead of the three I set here? Maybe not too many other people use it this way though and that is just over-complicating things?

They can’t be combined into one tool if you want them to trigger at different times, etc. You want them to be modular otherwise you can achieve nested effects. Read the Alchemy and Wizardy documentation pages for more information.

Also I’ll be recording videos for both of these tools once thing settle down a bit.

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I must have set them all at the same timing if that is the only way they work. They were set up a few months ago and I don’t have access to my machine to check.

Okay I’ll read the two documents over.

No, you can indeed set them all for different delays, durations, etc. That is what makes the modular approach powerful.

The modular approach in F3 allows for timing animations options that are not in F2?

They both offer the same timing options. Please have a look at the documentation pages that I referred you to earlier and you’ll see everything they offer. :blush:

I did have a look over these two pages yesterday. It was helpful to brush up on some of those finer points about how it works and bookmark them for future reference.

I might bring up that Gravitate page here that I made a few months ago here since it looks like I fixed the alignment problem by moving the item to the bottom.

Nicely done. I’m duly inspired.

Oh thank you! I think this was my only test with using the Gravitate tool. I used Reveal and Reveal Pro a lot especially on my new site (the one put together a year after this one.) I should look for more ways to keep testing Gravitate, I might find it has uses I am not aware of.

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