Icon Bar problem

I’ve just started playing around with the Icon Bar stack. I’m thinking of using it for some future work. However I can’t seem to place more than 4 icons on a page before it starts taking up 2 rows of space. Yet as I add more icons everything else adapts just fine. It’s just that there’s this extra row. For example, I can easily have 10 icons, but 9 are on the first row, 1 on the second. If I have 5 icons: 4 on the first row, 1 on the second.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to fix this?

Here’s a link:

Looks like it could me a rounding problem when determining the width of each element. You’ll notice as you change the browser width slowly that at certain points it corrects itself. When using percentages for widths things can get wonky. I’ll put it in the issue tracker.

Adam: I see what you mean with the 5 icon example re: correcting itself. With the 10 icon example it never seems to correct. I also tried 9 but saw no correction in that case either. But, yes, perhaps there’s a rounding problem in general. Thanks for looking into this!

Finally had an opportunity to have a look at this one in depth. Think I have a solution for it. I will work on it and try to get it into the next update.

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Adam: Sounds good. Thanks for looking into this.