Image Overlay? Stack or HTML

I’m curious if there is a stack out there that can overlay an image between two Foundry containers. I typically go in Logoist and create a 1600px wide image with the split I’m looking for, but some browsers read the colors a bit different between what I add to the image and what the lower background is in RW. This creates a slight discoloration. I’m just looking for either a stack or some html to create the same effect that the “Home Advisor” logo is currently.

I’ve had a difficult time finding any html to accomplish this. I’m sure most of my problem is because I’m calling it an overlay and it’s not exactly an overlay of an image. :joy: I would appreciate getting pointed in the right direction or even to know what I should call the damn thing.

The Overlap Stack in the Potion pack can do this.

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I have that but can not figure out how to get the colors to work. Maybe I’m just overtired and need a break.

change the opacity to zero in the style section of the overlap stack.



Got it. THANK YOU. I need a vacation.