Image sizing? (NotTopper)

Hi Adam,

Loving Alloy, but some newbie questions for you.

In the body of the blog, I can insert images using the lovely upload function of V2, but can I add resizing to the markdown that is created. It seems I should be able to control width and height if required by adding for example “=200x25” to the end of the MD, but it doesn’t seem to want to in the editor? Am I doing something wrong here in the statement below?

![AGFA-Agfamatic-2000-Pocket_1.jpg]( =200x25)

The sizing you’re talking about for the images in Markdown is not standard. While that is a part of some Markdown processors, it is not a part of all Markdown processors, including the one that Alloy makes use of.

Honestly, it is a good idea to size your images before uploading them. Uploading a large image and then sizing it down like you’re wanting to do means you’re adding weight to your page unnecessarily. Better to size it and optimize it before uploading it.

Thanks Adam,

Thats what I will be doing.


alright, I get it.

…and RW seems to adjust the images sizes according to the device in use, correct?!

In order to achieve best image quality, is it good practice to resize an image down to 150 - 200% of the necessary size on the page (desktop)?

For example

Original image Width: 2500 px
1 column area size width in RW: 540 px
I resize my image down to Width: ≈ 900 px

/ okn

You have to do what is right for your design.

Generally, my point of view is this… Create your image to be the size it will be seen at at the largest breakpoint, within reason. Compress your images using something like to get file size down.

No one here can give exact details of what you should do for each of your images on a site unfortunately unless they’re doing the work for you. Not only is each site different, each image is too.

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