Image stack Image Type issue

Possible bug. If an Image stack has a Drag and Drop image in it and you clear the image and then change the Image Type to Remote, the Image Set Link button thing does not appear. The Drag and Drop thing is still there. Adding a new Image stack works fine and I think causes the problematic Image stack to start working too.

That would be something I think @isaiah might need to look at as the controls are a part of Stacks itself. If you could message him with a sample and the steps to recreate the problem perhaps he can have a look at it.

I’ll take a look to see if I can cause this to happen when I am done with lunch.

I just created a project and added in an Image stack as a test. These were my results, as shown in this screencast video: image-type-controls.mp4 • Droplr

The controls changed as they were supposed to, so this tells me the PLIST file for the stack’s controls should be correct. It leads me to believe that it is some kind of bug or hiccup with Stacks itself and that @Isaiah should probably take a look at this.