Important Feature Request: Font sizes / Base font


I would love to be able to define base font sizes for Mobile as well as for Desktop/Tablet, please. Just like for the headers. And in addition in the paragraph stack separately as well. Right now the base font settings are not flexible enough.



There are a lot of elements in Foundry that base measurements off of the Base Font size. Having it suddenly change at a specific breakpoint could cause problems. In my experience you’d not want to change the base font size of your site like that.

Thanks. Which way is there to adjust font sizes for different screen sizes? Perhaps you could add these options in your paragraph stack?

It could be added to the paragraph stack. But it would be something I’d have to weigh. I say this only because the paragraph stack is one of the most used stacks in a project. Every time you add an option to a stack that means more parsing by the Stacks plugin in Edit Mode. More parsing equals slower editing, etc. If a stack that is used once, maybe twice per page has a lot of options, no big deal. But if a stack like the Paragraph stack that is used extensively throughout a page has a lot of options, you’re talking about major slow downs.

This isn’t to say that an option like this won’t make it into the Paragraph stack, it is just to say that I have to weigh the option vs any possible bloat and slow down for stacks like that, if that makes sense.

The way I’ve avoided feature bloat and Edit Mode parsing bloat up to this point is by carefully picking what goes into each stack based on how often a stack is used on a page.

I totally agree with that line of thinking, which is the base for foundry after all. As most of our sites have to be responsive and the screen estate on small devices matter, we should have any kind of possibility to set a different font size for those targets.

Of course it would be neat to have an automated option in foundry to make the text smaller on smartphones. I do not think it will create unwanted results, as the text is rearranging itself anyway on smaller screens - with big and with small sizes.

Right now I would have to add any paragraph stack twice, once with the control center option and once for smartphones using the visibility stack with a smaller size setting.

That takes quite a time and clutters the project.

BWD has a very neat option called Basic Resposive in their paragraph pro stack, where I can set the rem percentage for Desktop and small devices seperately - very easy to understand and to use, all other options in their stack might be too much for the straight forward idea of foundry. This is an option I would love to see in the control center.


@Fuellemann: Can I ask what font size you’re using for your base font? Just trying to get an idea of the situation.

Like I mentioned before, it isn’t that the idea is a bad one or even that I won’t add such a feature. I just want to weigh it out and its impact on Stacks Edit Mode before jumping headlong into it. Once a feature like that exists you don’t get to take it back. It is better to be careful, IMO, which is how I’ve approached all of Foundry so far.

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Hi, this depends on the project. Normally around 13 to 16px for the Desktop and 2-3px less for mobile.

Hi, this depends on the project. Normally around 13 to 16px for the Desktop and 2-3px less for mobile.

Me, myself, I wouldn’t go below 12 pt font for anything. Desktop or Mobile. Honestly, 13-16px in size looks really nice on mobile. Its the same range I build with most times. Just my 2 cents.

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