Improved banner with video?

Hello everyone,

I’m a French former user of RW4 & RW5 with Foundation. Last year, I lost myself by using WP to create a new website, but this experience was really awful … So I’m glad to come back and to become a new Foundry user :slight_smile:

Here is my question : I would like to put a video in the banner of my new website, is there a way to achieve that ?

Thanks a lot for your kind answers :wink:

Hi there @Guilbur and welcome aboard!

The Cinema stack, which is a part of the Thunder Pack for Foundry will allow you to do what you’re looking to accomplish.

Thanks for your answer. I’ve seen the Cinema Stack : it’s great. Next step for me … buy it :wink:

Hi Adam,

Cinema stack looks great and easy solution. Does it auto play on mobile?

I understand that getting banner videos to auto play on mobile is not always possible.

Cheers Scott

Some browsers do not allow auto play. There’s nothing I can do to force it of the browser doesn’t allow it.