In search of Foundry tutorials

I am through buying anymore addons, extras, or anything until until I create a successful website. So far, this has been a sunken cost fallacy. Can anyone point me to a tutorial on foundry or foundation 6?

No need to buy anything you don’t want or need. :smiley:

I think this would probably be better off as a separate thread instead of being a part of the Gravitate introduction thread, as it isn’t related to the original topic, so I’m going to branch it off into its own thread.

Also, since this is the Elixir forum it is probably better we stick to Foundry based questions and leave the Foundation stuff for their own support site. That said…

Foundry Tutorials Page
There’s a slew of free tutorials on the Foundry site:

Foundry Documentation
Many of the documentation pages have tutorials on them as well.

Elixir YouTube
The Elixir YouTube channel has videos on Foundry, Alloy and all of our other products as well:

Realmac Tutorial
There’s a nice tutorial series by Realmac Software as well:

Community Site Tutorial
The RapidWeaver Community site also has a good Foundry series as well: Topics | RapidWeaver Tutorials | RapidWeaver Community


Thank you so much. This has been very helpful. I am starting to like Foundry a lot better.

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The Realmac tutorials sold Foundry to me a year ago. I’ve not looked back.