Independently scrolling main content area and sidebar

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I wondered if it was possible to create a site with a main content area and a sidebar area that scrolled independently of each other? Something long the lines of Michael David’s Streamline theme?

Hey there @Rob! That is an interesting layout in your example. There’s not a stack or set of stacks in Foundry that does what you’re looking to do at this time unfortunately though.

I’ll add this to my long list of things to have a look at for Foundry in the future.


Thanks Adam. I’ve always thought it was an interesting idea and wondered if it was possible to imitate it.

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I would also be interested in a feature like this in Foundry in the future, it is a very interesting idea. Very good suggestion of Rob :smile:

It’s clearly Michael David’s idea, rather than mine! However, I agree it would be an interesting feature if it wasn’t too difficult to achieve.


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You can use the sidebar and blueprint stacks from BigWhiteDuck to achieve something similar…

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Thanks! Rob has already suggested something along these lines. Appreciate you chiming in.

Yep, would love this feature too. Great idea Rob…and Michael David.

Cheers guys

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