Insert Link In Paragraph Text?

Hi friends. I’m building my first site using Foundry with Potion Pack. Things are looking pretty good so far, but I’ve run into a brick wall, probably because I’m not seeing something obvious. It’s this:

I’ve got a Paragraph where the text mentions by name another page of the website named “Lux Aeterna.” I want to make these words link to the Lux Aeterna page, but I can’t seem to find any way to do it.

I know this is due to my own ignorance or blindness because not having a way to insert URLs in Paragraph text would be silly, wouldn’t it? But I’m not having any success finding how to do it, and I can find no posts here that deal specifically with this.

Please enlighten me.

Namaste - David.

See image. Highlighted text is “the process”. Then choose link at bottom. Then insert URL.


Hi mitchellm. Thank you so much, my friend. Boy, do I feel dumb.

I’m currently using a MacBook Pro while waiting for a Mac Pro and 27" Dell display to be shipped. And I didn’t have the RW window expanded widely enough to actually show anything in the footer except the Style and Alignment button sets.

Your image enlightened me. I made an elementary error. But hey, I’m still learning this stuff.

Thanks again!

Not a problem. At home I also use a MBP and so space is somewhat limited. Sometimes I need to hide the pages sidebar or the stacks sidebar to see the full range of options at the bottom.

Welcome to Foundry: it’s a great product!