Introducing a free Foundry 3 Starter Kit - Vera lifestyle blog

Vera - Free Starter Kit for a lifestyle blog

Hi there Foundry Weavers,
I am in the meantime regularly posting free Starter Kits for Foundry 3. This is now the 5th one. I am getting so much good feedback that I keep them free as I am also learning with every Starter Kit something new. This time I wanted to create a blog template with Foundry 3 in combination with the Poster 2 CMS from InStacks Software. It was a pleasure to create the template and I had a lot of fun.

The Vera Starter Kit is ideal for creating a lifestyle blog. It has a slight femalish touch but you can of course adopt it to your own needs.

Here you can preview Vera:

And here is the link to the WeaverPixel download page:

The Starter Kit is as all of my Starter Kits totally free. If you want to do something for your kharma, you find there also a donation button. But a payment is definitely not required. Thanks to all who donated so far!

Enjoy and have fun :slight_smile:


@WeaverPixel Thanks! Looks to be a great starter!