Introducing Artisan & Steel

Hey everyone! I’ve just posted two new Pre-Built Project files for Foundry. These are a good way to jump in and get started with a project.


A simple, straight forward project with a ton of style. This light, artistic design is great for portfolios, small businesses and much more.


This sleek design uses goreous gradients and translucent overlays to help your content really come to life. Perfect for just about any site design.

Head on over to the Pre-Built Projects page to have a look at Artisan and Steel. Artisan is a free download and Steel is just $15. Both have a live preview so you can have a look at them before downloading or purchasing them.

Thanks for the free project!

I really like the Artisan project. :grinning: Thank you very much!

No problem you all. Hope you make good use of them!