Introducing Create. A Project For Foundry, and a lot more!

This is by far the most involved and most significant project I’ve ever made for Template Repo, so much so that as well as the usual pages on the TR site, I’ve added a blog section to the site to post in detail about the new project. PLUS… I’ve made an “intro” video.

Create is a template for Foundry 2, which also uses the Potion and Thunder add-on packs.

It was ready to go earlier in the month, but then @Elixir launched his new Shutter and Flux stacks. I liked these, so I decided to add them in as optional extras. Then, to fully exploit the capabilities of Shutter (a gallery stack), I decided to look at adding a file management system to the project. This meant the whole thing took much longer to get ready to go.

So now the whole project consists of two homepages; one with Flux, one without. Some more Foundry pages and a “bonus” gallery page using Shutter, which is complemented by a self-installing “code” page containing a PHP script file manager to help manage the Shutter “batch” folder.

Repository 2 ready with a 30% off voucher!

Not happy with all that, I also worked with Jannis @instacks to add his great and brand new Repository 2 stack to the project and include a 30% voucher for anyone wanting to buy Repository 2.

All in, it’s now a mammoth little project, with a lot going on!

See the demo here: Home Flux | Create
Buy it here: Pre-built projects for Rapidweaver
Read the blog post and see the intro video here: Create: New Template For Foundry

As always, there is a significant discount available on the TR site for anyone buying now. This is limited to a set number of sales, so get in quick.



Looks really nice! Like the color scheme and the unique navigation for this project. Well done!

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That looks great. Will pick that up next week and have play with it, and flux.