Introducing the Documentation Starter Kit for Foundry 3

Clean & structured. This easy-to-navigate, multi-purpose Documentation Starter Kit will help you create content rich instructional pages for your visitors.|

This new Foundry 3 Starter Kit provides a slew of resources for building knowledge base style sites. Create documentation pages for your next app, wiki-like topics for your favorite hobby, and so much more.

The Documentation Starter Kit includes a set of base page styles, along with several “topic” pages. Additionally we’ve created a large variety of mix-and-match templates that can be used throughout this project, or copied and pasted into other projects as well.

Check out our live preview site for a faux operating system to see how helpful this Starter Kit can be for your next project.

Once you’ve perused the sample site you can purchase the Documentation Starter Kit here on the Foundry site.

Also if you haven’t checked out the latest Starter Kit from @egomade you should! The Olive Starter Kit is simply gorgeous! :heart_eyes:


:heart_eyes: that’s really great!

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btw… checkout is not possible


Truly stunning starter kit. I can see all sorts of uses for me with this approach! Thanks so much.

Do you already have Foundry 3? I don’t think this will work with Foundry 2.

I have everything! :joy:

Are you using the email address you used for Foundry 3’s purchase?

no! i have a new one

That is why. It looks to see if the address you’re using purchased Foundry 3. If it doesn’t see that then it thinks you don’t own the product that this Starter Kit requires.

aaahh… ok! i understand!

but my new e-mail adress works for the pre-built Starter Kit titanium, palladium and mithril. so I was wondering.

Those didn’t have that requirement on the products. I just added it to this one. That said if you need me to change the email address on your previous purchase emailing or sending a DM on the forum here with the relevant is the way to go. :wink:

So this is really something special that could totally fit my needs…except one thing. I need to be able to add a quiz at the end of each tutorial with grading/prompt correct answer and then report the results to multiple email addresses as well as an online database record. Ideas?

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@Flash I think this will meet all your needs: MachForm. It does “forms” of course, but I’ve definitely used it for quizzes. Easy to add a button or link within Foundry to go to a relevant page. Or, if desired, you can embed the “quiz” on a page. I’ve been using it for years and very happy with the product. More here:


I will look into this. I’ll report back eventually. Otherwise the theme is pretty spot on.

In case you get a good answer to your question please let me know, as Ivam alsointerested in this project👍

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Interesting concept - would this be good for a FAQ?

@pcassist – Sure. As with most Starter Kits, and Stacks-based tools, they can be used for a wide variety of different site types and designs. All comes down to how you make use of them as most are quite versatile. I will admit this Starter Kit is pretty focused to a specific sort of design, but even it can be used for a lot of different things.

Personally I wouldn’t use it as a FAQ. But, perhaps we don’t mean the same things when we say “FAQ”. I think of those types of pages as being a series of questions followed by relatively brief responses (e.g. 1 paragraph). Tools like an accordion (and others) are great for FAQs. On the other hand, if you envision having FAQs with quite extended responses then the Documentation Starter Kit could be a brilliant way to go.

I’ve gotten this product and plan on using it for an upcoming course I’m offering in the fall. @elixirgraphics gives one very nice example of how this might be used: Foundry 3 Documentation

I guess I’d think of it this way: do you have a lot of relatively dense content that needs to be organized really well for the end user. If your answer is “yes” then this is a fantastic product for you.