🌳 Introducing Yggdrasil Starter Kits for Foundry

Yggdrasil is a set of 14 different, premium Starter Kits for building gorgeous one-page designs. Help your followers find your products, services and more with these beautiful LinkTree-like site designs.

Collecting links to your online presence all in one location is a tried-and-true approach to building a great online identity for your business.

Most social media sites allow you just one link in your bio. To get around this the Yggdrasil Starter Kits allow you to build out a gorgeous LinkTree-like landing page that can help funnel your visitors to all of your other sites.

Pages like these are also great for linking to from a business card or putting on flyers and brochures. And best of all, since these Starter Kits allow you to publish your own page to the web you have the freedom of using your own personal URLs as well as not paying a reoccurring subscription fee to sites like LikeTree.

You can [LEARN MORE] over on the product page on the Foundry site.

Please note: Yggdrasil Requires Foundry v3.2023.08.10 or newer

Not yet a Foundry user?

Additionally we’re celebrating the launch of this new Starter Kit pack by discounting Foundry v3! If you’re not yet a Foundry 3 user now is a great time to start! You can pick up Foundry for just $99. No discount code needed. Just add Foundry to your cart and you’re good to go.


Amazing templates, easy purchase!


Yes, great idea for creating 1-pagers. And such a nice selection. Lots of variation. Thanks so much for your creativity and thoughtfulness.


Would like to understand this a little more.
Is the one-pager part of an existing RW F3 site or is standalone with the same publishing credentials as my site, or is it something else?.
I have three websites, two facebook pages and two instagram pages, and soon two blogs.
All of them are related to the one business.
I presume I could have links to all of these on the one page.
I can pretty much have any link I wanted- even to a particular page on one of the three websites.
So I can add badges to blogs and newsletters etc which will take the user to this page and from there to pretty much anywhere I have linked?
Am I on the right track here?

You could publish it wherever you like. A folder on your current site, a new special URL just for your Yggdrasil site. Up to you. Whatever you think works best for what you want.

You can link to anything you like. They’re normal links like you’d have on any other page in RapidWeaver. Need more buttons? Copy and paste, or drag-and-drop one from the Foundry library. Need fewer? Delete, delete, delete. The Yggdrasil Starter Kit templates are just like any other page in RapidWeaver. You can customize them to your liking. These are just starting points.

Again, that’s up to you. There’s nothing different about linking to a Yggdrasil Starter Kit based page than there is to any other page on the internet. :blush:

Thanks Adam. I’ll check it out.