Is it possible to fix these Google mobile friendly test errors?

Hi, I am getting these errors when I make a google test and I wondering these are fixable or not on Foundry?

I am checking my text on Mobile none of them is small. How can I know which text google mentions? or which clickable element and which content is wide?

I get these all the time. Just tell google it is fixed without changing anything. They will tell it is fixed later on.

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I think it is caused by the way google crawls the site. Perhaps @elixirgraphics has an explanation.

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I get these but am at the point of ignoring them. Not only do they fail to indicate where the issue is but I can never find anything untoward.

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I do not have an explanation for you as I do not work with these tools.

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I’ve had similar reports, but have found them to be useful in identifying pages which really did need fixing- buttons or text too small to tap or containers or margins not set up to allow content to display properly on mobile.

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Then, I will consider to ignore them. Cause, I am not seeing anything wrong on many mobile devices that I tested. Thank you all again.

I also get these same errors coming up on my site. google search console is remarkably unhelpful at telling you which piece of content to investigate it, despite my having e-mailed them for help.

Interesting that other Foundry users are seeing the same, perhaps it is something in the way the foundry stacks are working that’s kicking off an error? Any insights would be very useful to know.

As for ignoring it, well I’ve done the same, but SEO results are pretty shocking and as I understand it, google does punish sites with these mobile errors in its rankings, so it’s not great.

I’m ignoring as it’s in the ‘too hard’ basket and sucks up way too much time to try and figure out, not because I want to. Any assistance on this thread will be gratefully received by many users I suspect!

Use the search console to tell google it is fixed, and google will test it again, even though you will not change anything. You will get the message that everything is fixed and the scoring should not get affected.

About the reason: I think google looks at the site when it is not fully rendered. So it somehow sees the wrong proportions, even though the rendered site fits all requirements. Perhaps that is one clue.

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